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Celebrities' New Fashion Designer: Pınar Kerimoğlu

Although Pınar Kerimoğlu noticed her love for design and talent, she quickly gained the admiration of women with the Lady Estrella brand. Reflecting his emotions on his designs, Kerimoğlu's success in a short time comes from his original designs, which are completely handcrafted. We met with Kerimoğlu, who adds new dreams to his dreams every day, and talked about his excitement and brand, Lady Estrella.

Fashion entered my life in an extraordinary way. Unplanned, unscheduled enthusiasm ... Having 2 children one year apart made me sleep less like any mother, and this situation brought me together with Lady Estrella. I spent time with the children all day long and started drawing when they slept at 9 pm. I was putting my drawings into life and decorating them with lace, sequins, pieces of fabric and accessories such as Swarovski stones, feathers, fringes, buttons, ribbons, which relaxed me. That's how I started to design new products. One day I looked, the house turned into a workshop, clothes were filled on the hangers ... My biggest supporter, who thinks it is time, asked me to open a store in Nişantaşı, and my fashion adventure started.

My products are; are my dreams and the things I feel. My designs, which I started with hesitation, grow and become branded day by day, making me incredibly happy. We are in our fifth month and we believe that we are doing this well because of our customers' interest in us and this excites me even more.

I have a separate connection with each of my designs. Happy, sad, sleepy, angry; these feelings cause the curves in my lines to soften or sharpen. So there is no factory work. All of them are hand made, all designed and sewn individually. Finally, the most crucial part is the processing with Swarovski ...

There is no specific collection in my products, I add new products every day. I can say that I have a brand new collection every week. Actually, what I feel that week is the collection of the week.